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Last Updated: July 16, 2014

When embarking on a weight loss program, you want to see results. Otherwise it becomes a frustrating and discouraging process. With a lot of programs, they might promise you quick results but instead don't deliver, or they don't give consistent results. Instead of being able to maintain a healthy weight, you might find your weight see-sawing.

Many weight programs claim to have the solution when it comes to consistent weight loss. They claim to be able to bring your weight down, and to keep it down. They promise many things, but unfortunately most end up as disappointments. Some programs follow unhealthy principles that can cause your weight to plummet, but then your weight will return because your body is making up for unhealthy eating. Some even push your body into starvation mode. Just look at some of the reviews of the Paleo diet plans.

There are some programs that can keep your weight at a consistent level if you maintain them. The problem is that they are difficult to maintain, for a variety of reasons. Some programs are very restrictive in what you can eat. Others make you count every calorie of everything you eat. Sometimes the programs become so restrictive that meal times becomes a chore, and the food is unappetizing.

We decided to find the best diet programs that can help you lose weight fast and in a healthy manner, while not affecting your enjoyment of food. It is important that the program you follow is enjoyable, to increase your motivation. We found three that check all these boxes.

The reviews were based on:

  • How healthy is the diet? - What foods are recommended, and which ones should be avoided?
  • Easy to Use - Does the diet require extreme restrictions or calorie counting?
  • Lasting Results - Can the diet continue to give you results beyond the first few weeks?
Our Choice  The Fat Loss Factor Program

Rating 10/10

Easy to Use
Lasting Results

"Easy-to-follow, healthy plan. Our top selection..."

Our first choice is The Fat Loss Factor, created by Dr. Charles D.C. Dr. Charles is a licensed chiropractor and wellness professional, with experience in anatomy and holistic lifestyles. He brings those fields of knowledge together in one diet program.

Unlike many weight loss programs, The Fat Loss Factor actually looks at the emotional side of dieting. For instance, Dr. Charles discusses how stress can cause weight gain. This is partly due to comfort eating that many turn to when upset, and partly because the body is under strain and begins to store calories in response to an imminent threat.

Dr. Charles also tackles various misconceptions about weight gain. For instance, he does not believe that a person's genes determines their weight. Instead, it is their lifestyle. He points out that people with overweight relatives and parents can lose weight, and keep the weight off. If it was purely genetic, then no matter what they do wouldn't work - yet these people have maintained healthy weights.

Aside from dealing with the emotional side of weight gain, The Fat Loss Factor also deals with lifestyle choices and what to eat. The Fat Loss Factor strongly advocates avoidance of High Fructose Syrup, because it makes your body rapidly gain weight. The program suggests looking at all food labels carefully to avoid this additive.

The holistic approach of the Fat Loss Factor means you are approaching weight loss from as many effective angles as possible. It deals with the emotional reasons behind over-eating, and what you can do to reverse that. It also shows you what food to eat and what to avoid to encourage more weight loss. Best of all, it is not restrictive and allows you to continue enjoying food. The Fat Loss Factor changes your lifestyle, as well as your weight.

The entire Fat Loss Factor system is available for immediate download to your computer. You will receive a download link in your email box just seconds after ordering the complete system for $47.

Verdict: A unique, highly efficient approach to losing weight quickly and permanently. Easy-to-follow, healthy plan. Our top selection!

Rating 8.7/10

Easy to Use
Lasting Results

Highly Recommended

2. Venus Factor

Our second choice is the Venus Factor. Venus Factor is a program designed specifically for women to lose weight.

The program delivers results within 6-8 weeks. It features exercises that are more effective than traditional methods, such as crunches and sit ups, and more modern advances like ab machines. The exercises are designed to be easy and fun, so you are motivated to exercise.

Venus Factor aims to not only activate your ab muscles, but to have them working at top efficiency. The more you activate your ab mucles, the more fat you burn as you develop that muscle. Many traditional exercises fail to activate the muscles, and Venus Factor shows you how - especially in activating your core muscles.

Aside from being an exercise program, The Venus Factor also deals with lifestyle and diet. The program shows you what food to avoid, as they encourage weight gain. It also shows you what foods are good for speeding up your metabolism, leading to quicker weight loss, and how to defeat junk food cravings.

The following are included in the Venus Factor program:

  • Venus Factor e-book
  • Venus Factor workouts
  • Venus Factor nutrition guide

They have a free email newsletter that contains regular tips on weight loss. Or you can purchase their whole program for $47, which gives you immediate access to download the system to your computer.

Where from here? Our #1 choice is The Fat Loss Factor Program
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